24 setembro 2006

Summer 2006 Barcelona 17-Jul / 22-Aug

  • Well Well Well. to start to show you something that i really loved on my life, ill show you my trip this Summer that start in Barcelona with my Boyfriend, was 1 week only making tourism, beach and eating he he...Max i loved this days, ill never forgot this days, Thanks to come. This post is for you. Don't be jealous guys...is my Life Style. Kisses for Everybody...Comments please.
    Gladys Adriane

  • Bus Tour

Boat Tour


Vila Olimpica

Barceloneta Beach

Dinners Zoologico de Barcelona Gaudi Monuments

Gladys Adriane 2006

Hi everybody...well will be a little bit difficult for me to make a Fotoblog for everybody because I travel a lot and there is so many people around the world that know me...for this I don't know in which language I'll write... I'm Brazilian so i decided to write on my official language but to help everybody understand in all pics I'll do a description in english too ok? I'll not write everything in english because not everybody that like to know about me can understand. I'll write news in Portuguese but sometimes words is not enough to show exactly what I wanna mean. Enjoy the pics of my life, moments, and feelings...kisses..
Gladys Adriane